How to style: Thrasher Shirt

Today I want to talk about the item that always been a skating essential but has absolutely skyrocketed in popularity of late – the Thrasher T-shirt. “Thrasher started off as a simple skate magazine back in 1981, producing monthly editions to keep skaters updated about video releases, new pros and such. T-shirts was of course going to be a good way of making some more money, so while it wasn’t Thrashers priority, it made sense for them to begin to produce them.”

When my brother went in NYC for holiday, he surprised me by offering me the shirt. I got to say that I love wearing effortlessly cool clothes, especially this one since when I was younger I was a skater, hard to imagine I know ;)


— shop the look —


Shirt: Thrasher

Blazer: Forever 21

Shoes: Similar HM



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  1. Hey sympa ton look! J ai beaucoup aimé le t-shirt!
    Ou as tu pris les photos? En Israël?



  2. Canon ce look, je suis fan


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